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Köyceğiz Mud Bath Boat Tour

Beauty mud near the point where Lake Köycegiz meets the Dalyan Delta. The first points of daily tours departing from Dalyan pier are the point. Dustin Hoffman and Sting also had a 90s hit. It wasn't allowed to operate where the natural mud formed until now. However, in the region that receives more visitors, it has not been revealed until now that there is a benefit to the mud that is applied to the body from the scientific open, but we will not be able to pass without writing down what is said by the people who live in this region. 

The fact that the mud dries on you makes your skin tense and reduces the dirt if certain sessions are continued. Immediately after your mud adventure, you enter the hot water source, which is again in the process. It's said that the boil is good for rheumatism, low back discomfort, sciatica. As far as we can see, the mud driven creates a physical change in the body and an animation among the visitors there. Tourists who see each other's muddy state in the area beard and take plenty of pictures. We think that's how he gets fun in the area.


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