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Erçin Boat Köyceğiz

You will reach Iztuzu beach after a fairy-tale journey with the magnificent view of the lake for about two hours. Part of the journey passes through the Dalyan canal and you can see the 2500-year-old rock tombs on your right. The boat stops for a short while at the best angle you can take pictures. You can take photos at this time. The boat reaches Iztuzu beach at 12:00. Lunch is served on the boat at 13:00.


Koycegiz Lake boat tours start at 10:00 in the morning from the promenade and end at 19:00 in the evening.


Lunch is included in the price of the tour. For lunch, you can choose one of the fish, chicken and meatball menus. You can see information about the prices in the "boat tour prices" menu on our page.


The prices are very reasonable in the establishment located on the beach, and the shower, toilet and changing cabin are free and very clean. If you go to the right side of the beach, you can come to the point where Iztuzu beach and Köyceğiz Lake meet. Fresh water and salt water mix in this area. There is a sign that indicates that swimming is dangerous and prohibited.

The sea is quite clean and does not deepen immediately. It can be said that it is quite good for non-swimmers and children. The beach is perfect, you can feel it when you go into the sea. You step on the soft sea floor as if a carpet is laid under your feet. The beach can be windy from time to time in the afternoon and the sea can be choppy.


The boat takes a 1-hour break at Sultaniye hot springs. The spa is operated by the Koycegiz Municipality. Here you can take a mud bath and take a bath in the hot spring water.

According to the information published by Köyceğiz Municipality, Sultaniye Thermal Springs is the hot spring with the highest radioactivity in Turkey. Water at a temperature of 39 degrees contains calcium chloride, calcium sulfate, calcium sulfide and radon.

In addition to rheumatism, sciatica, it is also good for skin and gynecological diseases. But the most important thing is the presence of its rehabilitative feature through high radioactivity.

It has been determined that the spa was opened by the people of Kaunos two thousand years ago. Surrounding hospital remains confirm this. It is said that drinking the spring water next to the big bath cures various internal diseases. There are rooms for rent in the spa. Also, if you want to cool off from the heat, just jump into Köyceğiz Lake. There are showers, changing cabins and toilets in the facility and they are free of charge. In addition, you can eat and drink in the establishment, the prices are very reasonable.

After leaving here, the boat takes a short swimming break in a quiet bay on the lake. Here you will see herons waiting in the pine trees and you will have the opportunity to relax in the cool waters of the lake.

After 45 minutes from this bay, you will return to Köyceğiz.

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